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Webshop og Collect Butik åbent som normalt

Foreign visitor

Welcome to www.PetDreams.dk!

We ship to all EU destinations but also Faroe Islands, Greenland and Norway. You just have to notice, that shipping will be higher than domestic shipping.
It is hard to put all shipping prices here, since there's so many quotes depending on your location, but you will always be able to see how much it is before ordering. Shipping will be calculated automatically on the way to checkout.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You can also get rates from us on the phone +45 50262020 or on email kundeservice@petdreams.dk .

For Portuguese, Spanish and English, please email Paula at paula@petdreams.dk

For German or English email Kristian at kundeservice@petdreams.dk or call (+45)50262020.